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    Back in the early 90’s when Tiak, then a pharmacist at a local pharmacy chain, began studying the benefits of herbal medicine in general and Traditional Chinese Medicine in particular. He realized that there was an untapped wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and many were still unaware of the immense benefits of it. The language barrier proved frustrating which deterred many from seeking TCM help and, the inconvenience of brewing the herbal Traditional Chinese Medicinal remedies. Not to mention having to consume the often bitter brew made the experience a little more than tedious.

    “There must be a better way to do this,” he thought. He was determined to revolutionize the way TCM remedies were taken.

    After his time at the pharmacy, he set out to learn more about TCM from his father, who was an eminent TCM physician in Singapore. With Tiak’s pharmaceutical knowledge and Dr Lee’s extensive TCM background, backed by the herbal pharmacopeia and in-house formulary, the dynamic duo would come up with product formulations to cater to a wide range of ailments. It was the perfect harmony of contemporary pharmaceuticals, and the traditional long term benefits of TCM that has been backed by centuries of research and trials.

    After years of perfecting the formulations, and sourcing for ingredients of the highest quality from all over the world, Heritage® was officially launched in the mid-nineties. Heritage® marries the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern pharmaceutical knowledge to produce its range of time-tested health and herbal remedies, and premium restorative supplements. A healthy dose of Heritage® gets you going every day. 


    Health for All Time


    Heritage® is one of the brands under the HST Medical Pte Ltd brand umbrella. HST Medical Pte Ltd is the culmination of tradition, quality and trust that have been built up by our heritage store –  Heng Say Tong Traditional Chinese Medical Hall since 1930. 

    Other brands by HST Medical Pte Ltd:

    Heritage® TCM Clinic

    Heritage® TCM Clinic provides comprehensive health and wellness therapies specialized for you.

    Heritage® TCM Clinic is able to provide comprehensive health and wellness therapies for your specific needs, by professional TCM physicians. We specialise in Pain Relief via acupuncture & cupping treatment. Our clinic is conveniently located at 

    304 Orchard Road
    Lucky Plaza, #05-43
    Orchard Medical Specialists Centre
    Singapore 238863

    Visit our website at




    Discover our propriety in-house formulated range of vitamins & supplements. Helping you achieve your best self, & to make the world a healthier place.

    Visit our website at